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Hurrah - you're back! And with your usual, wonderful insight, talking about interesting things and sharing your valuable contribution to your community.

A "PFR," in my view, is the most important thing anyone of us can ever do about everything on earth!

By the way, what a great title for a blog. I have been thinking of changing mine once I feel "in confidence" for any period of time longer than one day. This would make a great title.


Well said, Hermie!

More PFRs all the way around, say I!

Always Question

It would be great if a PFR could be built into most governmental actions. It might cut down on all the times we currently have to ask: "What were you people thinking?"


If developers paused to reflect their consciences might catch up with them. And they wouldn't know how to deal with that.


Poetry as PFR, from the 6/26 New York Times Book Review:

"If there's one thing that ties good books of poetry together . . . it's that they let us enter a private space in which time slows down and possibilities expand. In that space, we're allowed to be tentative, instead of being asked to sign on the line, answer the phone or pick up a weapon. . . . If poetry can't change the world (or save our lives), it does mark a pause in which there's no use for usefulness, and anything can take shape. If we want to save our own lives in the wake of those moments, well, they may seem a little more worth saving."

- David Orr


And here's an image of "A Time to Reflect":


If you would like to see your future, take a long hard look at the Tampa Bay area where I live. It's what Ft. Meyers will look like in the next decade or so. Hillsborough County suffers from a County Commission ruled by developer interests and a near total dearth of reasonable planning. Not too many years ago you could catch Snook and Red Fish from the bay. Now I wouldn't consider eating anything from that smelly water. Take action or this may be your fate as well.

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